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Offshore For Sure (O4S)

A greener Europe

Energy transition is also taking place at sea
Our coasts are blessed with an abundance of energy sources, including tidal and wave energy. The development of a carbon-neutral energy system with reduced reliance on gas is a concern at the local, regional, national, and European levels. And, of course, the region must remain secure. Therefore, there is a significant need for integrated solutions for climate mitigation and adaptation. With the increasing installations at sea, comprehensive attention to cybersecurity is also crucial. 

Promising offshore energy solutions
Five developers of promising offshore energy solutions are joining forces in Offshore For Sure (O4S), supported by specialists from Belgium and the Netherlands. These five projects represent innovative solutions from technology developers with a proven track record and a clear plan for deployment in the fields of tidal energy, wave energy, offshore floating solar energy, and energy storage

Stay informed & get involved

Are you interested in becoming involved as a stakeholder in the implementation of the project, or would you like to stay informed about the developments of Offshore for Sure? We invite you with this dedicated form to express your interest: https://www.bluespring.blue/in...